We're hitting the road....

Thrilled to release the dates and venues for our first Toolkit Tour today. Going to be a cracking trip visiting some of my favourite rural Qld towns throughout October and November; Goondiwindi, Roma, Emerald, St George and Longreach.

During the tour We will be visiting members and doing some stories around town on day 1 and then day 2 is the Toolkit Workshop. This tour is focusing on the Business Model. The day will be split into 2 main sessions. Session 1 is Business Model Generation and how to create a bullet proof strategy. Session 2 is looking at Crowdfunding and how you can make that work for your business. We will go through the myths of crowdfunding and the 5 key areas you need to focus on to create a successful campaign. 

To really take your business forward no matter what stage of business you are at from Start up to Scale its so important to take the time to review your business model and look for opportunities. Some of the greatest breakthroughs can come from finding opportunity in the way your business currently runs not in trying to develop something new or expand for the sake of expanding.

We rarely make the time ourselves to spend a day working on the business and a activity like reviewing a business model or creating one is something you should never do on your own. The value comes from the other people in the room, those that look at your business with fresh eyes. This can be daunting to take on advice from others but at Rural Business Collective we gather people that are like-minded, are going through - or have been through the same pain points or big questions you are having. The spirit of collaboration is something we work hard to foster as we believe there's plenty of good ideas to go around and the better one business does - everyone benefits.  

Head over to our Events Page to get more details on cost and dates (FREE for RBC Members!). 

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