Jo and Claire named Regional Online Heroes

There’s not an online business, or at least a business with a website that doesn’t want to get inside the heads of Google. Maximising search criteria, key performance indicators (KPIs) ad understanding what’s going to catch the eye, and dollar of your customer.

Two RBC members Jo Palmer and Claire Dunne were recently named as Regional Online Heroes- a collaboration between the Regional Australia Institute and Google. As part of their prize, they were offered a tour of Google Australia’s HQ and some quality time with key people.

They said they learned a lot (though the only photo of them is enjoying champagne iceblocks with Jane Cay from Birdsnest while on a Darling Harbour cruise) and loved bouncing some ideas off Google's marketing department. 


Jo says the most impressive thing of the whole event (besides the Google offices themselves- they have staff scooters!!) were the other regional businesses.

“If you the word ‘regional’ out of everything, these businesses could be from anywhere,” she said.

“People are doing really amazing, innovative work and demonstrate time and time again that living in regional and rural areas isn’t a hurdle to creating and doing good business.

Jo also said it was pretty confronting when ‘a googler’ sat down and went through her Pointer Remote Roles website as a customer.

“Watching them action what I expect my customers to do was so interesting,” she said.

“You get really invested in your own website and sometimes lose track of what exactly the customer is seeing.”

Claire Dunne, editor of Graziher Magazine was also  blown away with the talent in the room.

“It really hit home how important regional businesses are- not just because of the services they provide, but bringing jobs to rural and regional areas as well.

Claire also took a lot away from conversations with Google marketers and their approach to micro moments and building their audience.




Jayne CuddihyComment