Be a girl in the Outback!

Photo credit to Helen Groves. 

Photo credit to Helen Groves. 

Be a girl in the Outback. Northern Territory sisters Belinda Rasheed and Sophie Rayner have taken the online style industry by storm, launching their fashion, homewares and style business Longrass Style and #beagirlintheoutback is one of their favourite catch-cries. 

Because of their location (tucked into such a remote area of north western Northern Territory that the only access is through Western Australia), the sisters must travel often for both work and personal reasons. It’s through these travels Belinda discovered some great pieces- clothing and homewares that made her feel great and wanted to share with her friends and other women.

While it was an idea that had been percolating between them for some time, it was kicked into action when Helen Groves from the Territory Drafter Magazine (remember her from this podcast interview?) asked them to do a lifestyle piece for her first edition.

“We built it (the business) on the run,” says Belinda.

“But it’s been so much fun and it’s worked for us.”

Belinda and Sophie say that Australian designed and made is at the heart of their business and they source as much product locally as they can.

“There’s always going to be inflated shipping costs to us (for stock) because of our location, so we take a hit on that one, but being Australian made is really important to us.”

The business has developed quickly and they’ve had a lot of success doing ‘pop up’ shops through the Territory and Queensland.

They will also be launching their own clothing line in Tamworth at the Landmark Classic in Febuary.

Check out their Facebook page here.

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