Managing Energy Saves Time

Despite spending years trying, I can’t make more time in the day! 

Luckily there are people who spend their professional lives trying to perfect ways to better manage time. 

Like Jill Rigney, featured on this week’s Beating Around Bush podcast!

Jill has spent most of her career training people in regional and rural areas on time management through her business The Right Mind.

We recently featured Jill in our ‘Spring Clean’ series for RBC members, giving us so much information in 30 minutes, you could listen to it three times and take something new away each time. 

She talks about time management being more about managing energy and prioritising and it completely makes sense. She’s very practical!

We’re thinking of making a smaller series of audio segments with Jill- what do you think? Is this a topic you would be interested in hearing more about? 

Maybe you manage time in a different way- what are your tips? 

Listen to me talking to her on this weeks podcast, Beating Around the Bush here. 

If you want access to more resources like our Spring Clean Series, sign up on our members page, here. 

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