Home is where the big business is!

It’s not often that a dream job offer comes up in your local town. So Sascha Estens made her own. Wanting to stay in her beloved Moree, she started her own business, Rabbit Hop Films and has never looked back. She now services a huge market- locally, nationally and internationally, passionately telling the stories of rural Australia. 

“People in these areas aren’t always shown in a great light,” she says. 

“In a lot of stuff we watch, country people come off as whinging farmers."

“I’m really trying to advocate and show the great characters that live in the bush and what a great place it is to live.”

She’s featured in this week’s podcast- listen here for her tales of how she got started, what amazing work she’s doing, and how despite having the opportunity to work overseas, the pull of her hometown Moree was too strong. 

Also- I’m a little envious on this point- she got to see inside Google HQ recently after she was recognised as one of regional Australia’s best online businesses by the Regional Australia Institute and Google. Apparently it’s every bit as awesome as the rumours say it is. 

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