Mark Sowerby- Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur


Mark Sowerby is Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur- what an amazing job!

He was pretty reluctant to take on the role because he’s one of those incredibly energised people that take on a million things at a time and nail them all- not least his own brain child- Blue Sky- an alternative investment business and swimming the English Channel (to take a mental break !?) and being a family man as well. 

I met Mark Sowerby on his regional tour of Queensland in his new role and couldn’t wait to pin him down for an interview for RBC’s podcast. 

He managed to get mate’s rates on the hire of a jet and took five fellow entrepreneurs on a tour of 10 regional towns in Queensland to ‘take the pulse’ of what’s going on in terms of ideas, businesses and innovation. He said they all came out of it more energised and inspired than what they went in. 

The rest of our chat is a fascinating insight into rural businesses and what sets them apart, or more aptly, what doesn’t. 

Listen to the chat here- trust me- you’ll learn something!

Fleur AndersonComment