Rebel's Blooming Success!

Imagine arriving in your new town of Lightening Ridge in New South Wales, in 50 degree heat and realising there’s no air conditioning in your apartment. And the windows wouldn’t open.

Then starting work at your new job as the local newspaper editor, with no previous journalism experience. And as it was in the days where the photos for the paper needed to be developed off film, realising that for your very first paper, someone had lost the photos, and you had to drive the 354km in the pouring rain to Dubbo to make deadline.

Not only did Rebel Black take all of that in her stride, but she fell in love, put roots down, successfully started five businesses, and has travelled the country as a healthy living/ raw food advocate and motivational speaker.

In the latest Beating Around the Bush podcast, Fleur Anderson uncovers some of Rebel’s best kept business secrets and an amusing and honest insight into what happens behind the scenes when you become addicted to starting small businesses.

Rebel’s latest venture is The Rural Woman, a virtual online marketplace for women in regional and rural parts of Australia to showcase their skills and products. ‘Bloom Where You are Planted’ is her catchcry, which of course should resonate with all Rural Business Collective members. Be sure to have a listen wherever you get your favourite podcasts.

Jayne CuddihyComment