Cherry picking for last minute presents!

RBC's Jayne Cuddihy with Fiona McFarlane from

RBC's Jayne Cuddihy with Fiona McFarlane from

Fiona McFarlane is a poster girl for self-motivation.  

Featured in this week’s Beating Around the Bush podcast, Fiona’s already running the family media and marketing business, is the national chair of the Skal tourism body and is incredibly active in the Cairns community as a business mentor and public figure.  

So of course she started another business,, an SMS gift voucher service.

I laughed when she said her startup was born out of guilt (she had forgotten a friend’s birthday and wanted something to send to her as soon as possible) but she’s tapped into an incredible market of online gift giving available on SMS.

In this podcast, Fiona talks about her business, the importance of networking and the tricks of the trade when it comes to working from home.

Listen here to our conversation.

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