Deciphering the corporate speak with Bronwyn


When you start a business, generally your enthusiasm is at peak level- you love what you do and are sure other people will as well.

The reality is that sometimes that fades, you change direction, or you move onto other things.

Or sometimes you don’t and your business can continue to thrive. Bronwyn Reid and her husband, Ian Rankine have been in business for 30 years, and when I spoke to her recently for our podcast Beating Around the Bush, her passion for what she does and the industries they service hasn’t dwindled in the least.

Bronwyn and Ian are environmental consultants and after a stint overseas, returned to Emerald in Central Queensland to service the agricultural, gas and mining industries on concepts that really were ahead of their time.

They rode the ebb and flows of the various markets and gained a huge knowledge of working with big companies and corporations which are vital to small businesses. Listen here to get some of her tips! 

Or better yet, why not make contact with Bronwyn on her blog?

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