RBC welcomes Advisory Board members

The RBC Team is growing. This week we have appointed our Advisory Board. As a business owner I have always been a big advocate for having a group of advisors and getting some outside perspective on your business. And in what can sometimes be a lonely pursuit, two heads are always better than one. I have always enlisted the support of business coaches and mentors to help me keep on course and stretch further than I thought I could reach.

For Rural Business Collective, this is certainly true and a big part of appointing an Advisory Board was to keep us thinking big. It’s pretty easy to get bogged down in the day to day of creating content and websites, which payment wall to use, responding to member requests, pitching member stories and the list goes on. However, if we are going to achieve what we set out to achieve and that’s to make a significant difference in creating a culture of entrepreneurship in the bush and become Australia’s leading community for rural and remote entrepreneurs, we need to make sure we are looking to the big picture. I think most business owners can appreciate this and in one way or another have a similar function in their business.

The second reason that I have enlisted the support of this amazing group of business brains is to broaden the voice of RBC. When I start to plan out the five to 10 year vision for Rural Business Collective it becomes something that has a life beyond me as a business owner and founder. It becomes property of the community. The Advisory Board is a way of engaging the community as the army of architects and advocates that will help us reach into the far corners of rural and remote Australia to find amazing stories, entrepreneurs and communities.

After nearly 40 applications we have selected a team of nine to take us through this first term of the Advisory Board and we are really pleased with the mix of skills and experience on the Board. We set out to enlist a good mix of big thinkers, rural community understanding and small business experience and we have got all that and more!!

The Advisory Board will receive a report from me each quarter against some of our key goals and milestones and twice a year we will meet face to face to spend a day working on Rural Business Collective strategy and getting input and valuable discussion from the group. Our first meeting will be the end of August.

I sincerely welcome our new team and you can read more about each member on the Advisory Board page.

Fleur AndersonComment