Hatching a cracker of an idea

Kylie Stretton with some of her "girls". 

Kylie Stretton with some of her "girls". 

When you pull up in the Clancella Downs driveway, it’s obvious the owners, Kylie and Shane Stretton have put their heart and soul into the property.

Kylie has recently started a pastured egg business to run in conjunction with their beef operation. But it’s the benefits to the soil health of their property which is the main motivator.

The couple bought the 100 acre block outside Charters Towers around six years ago and by all accounts, it was in a pretty dire condition- everything from the pasture, to the house and the back lawn.

Besides running a livestock agency and, looking after their cattle that are spread around the North Queensland area on agistment, the Strettons are striving to make the most of their small acreage and improve all facets of it, down to the flower garden beds.

The Cllancella Downs egg brand has been Kylie’s project and she’s taken to it with gusto. She’s got 30 hens in a Chicken Caravan surrounded by an electric fence, that gets moved around the problems areas of the property. She knows it’s going to come with challenges, especially when summer rolls around and the temperature soars. But she has mitigated the risks, and it’s all systems go.

Anyway, their story is brilliant, and you should listen to it here, on our Beating Around the Bush podcast. The part where Kylie talks about the success she’s had with direct marketing and harnessing the magic of social media to play in her favour is particularly interesting.

Jayne CuddihyComment