Is your bank balance your indicator of business success?


In this land of startup hustle, spending money to make money, and any other cliche that comes to mind it's easy to get distracted.

We are lead to believe that the game changer in your business is going to be your content, your launch strategy, your marketing, your UX design, your strategic partnerships, your unique value proposition, but at the end of the day the simple fact remains - the oxygen your business really needs - is cash. Or more than that, profit.

In the age of the entrepreneur it doesn't have the same ring to it - but good old-fashioned business rules still apply and being in control of your finances puts you at a better chance of being on the right side of the alarming small business failure rate. Small Business Advisor and RBC 30 Day Challenge Mentor Maurie Hill says ‘you’d be surprised how many businesses out there use their bank balance as their measurement of business performance’.

Being in control of your finances is true empowerment. It gives you confidence to make decisions and to put the important things first.

September is going to be the month when you can tackle all of these things head on with our next 30 Day Challenge. Our 30DC takes participants through four guided lessons on a selected topic with an expert. Rural Business Collective runs 4 30 Day Challenges for its members per year as part of their annual membership plan.

For this 30DC we have teamed up with Maurie Hill from the BusinessGP to deliver a 30DC on ‘Running Your Business By The Numbers’. Maurie has an amazing breadth of experience from multi-national corporates through to micro-businesses in the middle of the Northern Territory! Maurie has a true passion for helping people understand the fundamentals of what makes their business tick and the numbers to keep an eye on and the results that he gets from the businesses and families speak for themselves. As Maurie says ‘running a business this way is so natural to me now I don't know any other way!’ Throughout the 30 Day Challenge you will get insights into this method of running your business by the numbers and hear stories of the outcomes that he and his clients have achieved together.

The Challenge includes four audio lessons delivered along with a weekly worksheet. Each of these lessons will cover an aspect of business financial management, an activity to complete and then an opportunity to connect with others participating in the challenge to share questions and experiences.

The four lessons are:

WEEK 1 - WHY manage ‘BY THE NUMBERS’ – there are many reasons

WEEK 2 - All about PROFIT – fuels success and satisfaction

WEEK 3 - CASH is King – the oxygen of business

WEEK 4 - HOW to manage company finances – important and easier than you think

Each 30DC is valued at $199 and is included in our Annual Membership plan. Interested business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to participate are invited to join RBC before the commencement date of September 4 2017. Current members can opt in by RSVP on our member invitation or emailing

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