RBC Partners with Pointer Remote Roles

It's hard not to get excited when you meet people like Jo Palmer. There’s a buzz that surrounds people that are having a go at something adventurous, ambitious and so damn well needed. Pointer Remote Roles is one of those projects. The premise immediately clicked. Jo and I both know that the untapped skills and capability in the bush is staggering. Every town is filled with partners and friends that have followed on this journey to live in rural and remote Australia in search of giving their kids the country upbringing they had, or getting into the family farm, or trying a rural area as a way to jump up the ladder faster than what's possible in the city. Typically these sorts of decisions usually has what is called ‘the trailling spouse’. The one that goes with the partner for the move and then has to creatively rethink how their skills can be utilised.

Enter Pointer Remote Roles.

The modern day office is changing and the case for remote working is becoming clear. The rise of contract work or the ‘gig economy’ is also giving rise to what Jo Palmer sees as a new age of opportunity for people wanting to live in rural and remote Australia. Pointer Remote Roles aims to match roles that are suited for remote resourcing to the talented and skilled residents of small towns and farms Australia wide.

Rural Business Collective has a policy to recruit 100% of roles within rural, regional and remote Australia so I could immediately see the user case for my own business. It’s exciting to find somewhere I could find candidates that are specifically interested in working remotely. For the broader Rural Business Collective community, small businesses entering into any growth phase can tap into this pool of talents ranging from Social media through to bookkeeping, administration support and anything in between.

So we are excited to announce that RBC and Pointer have partnered to offer all Rural Business Collective members a special rate so you can try the Pointer experience to grow your team virtually risk free!

Here are some words from Pointer Remote Roles Founder, Jo Palmer on the offer for RBC members:

“Pointer aims to provide another avenue for employers to secure professional candidates for roles. We understand that startup stage and small business is tough and when you are ready to take the next step and engage or employ staff, it can get tricky.

We have established a rate to offer businesses who are in the early phases of business and are

looking to put on contractors, freelancers or part time staff. For a flat rate, you can advertise your role with Pointer and we will send you profiles of our candidates who meet the criteria. If we don’t have someone, we will find them! There is no commission to pay when you employ one of our candidates.”

  • Advertisement of role on Pointer until role is filled or 6 months

  • Pointer actively seeking candidates for roles

  • Unlimited candidate profiles (matching criteria) sent to client

  • One payment 

This is a great opportunity for RBC members. If you would like to know more please get in touch with either Fleur or Jo directly.

Fleur Anderson, Founder Rural Business Collective hello@ruralbusinesscollective.com.au

Jo Palmer, Founder Pointer Remote Roles jo@pointerremoteroles.com


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