Activating healthier rural communities

ginny stevens.jpg

Having many balls in the air is part of life for most small business owners. The moving parts of a business, as well as day to day life always has its challenges. But I have to have some extra admiration for Ginny Stevens.
She is the CEO of Active Farmers- a group aiming to build stronger and more resilient communities through better physical and mental health.

Ginny believes that people are healthier, including their mind, when they are active and eating well.

She’s a perfect example, agreeing to be interviewed by Fleur from the Wagga Wagga maternity ward with her two week old twins. I’m not going to lie- the thought of new born twins is exhausting enough- let alone answering questions about your business with a microphone in her face.

But it was perfect- listen here as Ginny talks about how she’s got up to 20 regions signing onto her program. And she’s desperate for more trainers to be involved in the rollout. Contact her via her website-