brains trust


How to start your own RBC Brains Trust Group

There's no doubt that without the advice of trusted mentors or support from friends and family there's only so far you can go. 

Rural Business Collective knows that access to mentoring opportunities in its many shapes and forms is a common barrier for many rural and remote business people. We see our role as one of support and facilitation to get you connected with the right people and the right support. 

'Brains Trust' Groups

These are small facilitated groups of like minded people that work as a mentor and support to each other. They meet monthly via web, teleconference, face to face or a combination depending on where you and your group are located. RBC provides a toolkit and support following a structured process that ensures each member of the group gets to work directly on their current hurdle.

Make the group your own by adding your own elements that work for you. But first step is to reach out to some people that you respect and admire in business that you’d like to work with and register your group with RBC and we’ll send you your FREE support toolkit to get you going. (We recommend a group of 5-7 people at similar stage of business but not neccessarily in the same industry or business type)

What’s in the kit you ask? Templates from group rules to agendas and suggested talking topics. You’ll also get a moderated Slack channel just for your group and a directory of mentors and experts that can dial in on specific topics on request.  


Sounding Board

After being personally guided through the Business Model Canvas exercise and completed based on your business you can then submit it to our panel of Mentors and Experts to provide their feedback on your business model. For more details please Contact Us