RBC members gain access to several regular events. 

1. 90-30-7 Day Planning events.  Each quarter we livestream this event where members get together and step through their 90-30-7 day plan for their business. Goal setting and accountability are tough when you work for yourself. This simple process and group environment turns up the accountability and motivation! 

2. 30DC. Our 30 Day Challenges are our most popular event with members. 30DC occurs minimum of 4 times per year. Over that month we declare a focus area for you to work on in your business. Each week an audio lesson (podcast) and worksheet are delivered for you to work through at your own pace with the support and camaraderie of the broader group. 

3. Lunch Date. Once a month we livestream with a member that has a little tip trick or life hack to share. From productivity to financial reporting, to website DIY it could be anything!