Who are we?

Rural Business Collective is an independent member driven community of entrepreneurs, small business owners and diversified businesses based in rural and remote Australia. RBC connects members with a community, opportunities and support through the tribe of supportive like minded people and also the range of support services and products available to members.

What do we do?

The Rural Business Collective is the leading support community for people doing business in the bush. Our mission is to build a culture of entrepreneurship in the rural and remote Australia.

The RBC team work to act as a member of your business team by providing linkages to audiences, investors and advisors. The community within RBC is a godsend for many business owners and entrepreneurs who  want to connect with those in similar circumstances with an understanding of the unique challenges faced by rural and remote entrepreneurs. We hold a space for members to connect, collaborate and support each other.

What do we offer?

As a member of the Rural Business Collective there are a range of benefits and offers under our 3 pillars of service.



  • Member stories regularly pitched and submitted to leading publications and news agencies

  • RBC podcast opportunities and blog features

  • Input into matters that affect Rural and Remote business, economic and entrepreneurial development




  • Access to Sounding Board and Mastermind mentoring groups*

  • Expert in residence to share knowledge and answer your questions

  • Resource library of tools and templates to use freely on the member platform

  • 30 Day Challenge occurs 4 times a year with experts, audio lessons, worksheets and group chat*

*Services are at an additional fee to the annual community membership fee



  • Access to the RBC member platform where you can get in touch with other members and access resources

  • Access to the private FB page

  • 60 minute welcome call

  • 90 day planning sessions live webinars

  • Secured tickets to events for RBC members

  • Rural Business Collective Meetups

  • Reciprocal access/memberships to partner organisations

Here are what some of our Members say:

“Its helped me create momentum and a degree of accountability. I feel like I am now part of a business community, but one that understands what it’s like living and working in rural Australia, which is giving me the confidence to have a go”
— Ainsley McArthur, Mystery Park Central Qld.
“RBC gives us a group of likeminded people to connect with, and access to information and resources relevant to our rural setting, at times that suits us.. Its accessible and affordable and members have access to such a broad network of people”
— Bec Lomman, Seed and Sprout, St George, QLD.

Who are our Members?

Our members represent the great diversity of opportunity, business and community in rural and remote Australia.  However our members can identify usually with one or more of these 3 types of members:

1. I run my own business from home, whether thats an online shop or as a freelancer or a service provider. It can get a bit lonely blazing away from the kitchen table by myself and I would like to connect with some others that are doing similar things and have a group I can reach out to ask for advice. 

2. I am part of an established agricultural business and we would like to try something new in our business, that could be anything from a tourism venture, a business up or down the supply chain, or value adding some of the existing assets within our business. We acknowledge to do that we will have to learn a new set of skills and networks that we use currently in our business. We are wanting to keep the rural lens in what we do but we would like to polish up on some business skills and be connected with some experts and mentors that could help us along the way. 

3. I have a business that I have been running for only a short time.  I think this idea has legs and I really want to ramp up my game.  I want to join some mentoring groups and be kept accountable as I take steps forward toward my goal. I want a sounding board for my ideas and the decisions I have to make in my business. I want to participate in the mini challenges and the group to keep my enthusiasm up and be a part of a positive community that is passionate about building great businesses from where they are.

Welcome Aboard!


If this sounds like your kinda crew....